Auteur Indépendant
membre de l'UPP(Union des Photographes Professionnels)

Based in Paris,I either work from studio or on location world wide. I shoot advertising photography, beauty, editorial and artistic photography.
A creative vision over a range of specialties that transcends the simplicity and limitations of a simple technical style.
As a professional photographer I have the ability to deliver strong imagery in every setup, to plan and maintain a thematic look appropriate to your particular project and to maintain long term relationships by providing quality and expertise delivered on time and on budget.
Photographies de commande - Beauté - Cosmétiques - Luxe
Photographies destinées à la publicité et à la communication.
Construction de l'image et suivi des relations clients ou DA.
Studio et extérieurs.
Advertising - Indoor and outdoor. Studio. Fashion and Beauty
photographer - Luxury products

Tel : 06 12 84 82 03 Phone : +33 612 848 203